Inlandsis Fund and Camco International Group Launch Collaboration

Montreal, May 25, 2018 – The Inlandsis Fund, based in Quebec, and Camco International Group, based in Colorado, have launched a collaboration to support the management and growth of methane reduction projects in California’s cap-and-trade program. Inlandsis has engaged Camco to manage its recent acquisition of a portfolio of livestock carbon offset projects across 11 states. The two firms will further collaborate on opportunities to increase offset production at these projects. Inlandsis and Camco will also combine their respective finance and management capabilities to develop new methane reducing carbon offset projects.

The Inlandsis Fund CEO David Moffat said, “Inlandsis is thrilled to benefit directly from Camco’s deep expertise managing carbon offset projects in North America. The collaboration with Camco is an important building block for accelerating the growth of our investment portfolio of carbon credit projects.”

Camco’s Managing Director Jim Wiest said, “Camco is pleased that our expertise, developed over the past 10 years in managing carbon offset projects in the WCI market, has been recognized by Inlandsis and we look forward to be able to expand our work managing and optimizing livestock projects that are part of Inlandsis growing carbon portfolio.”

About Camco
Camco works with project owners to help realize value from the environmental benefits provided by anaerobic digester projects and is a leading provider of carbon offsets from livestock projects into the WCI cap-and-trade program. First issuing WCI eligible offset credits in 2010, Camco manages offset generation from over 25 livestock projects which combined have issued over 2 million offset credits into the WCI market.

About Inlandsis
The Inlandsis Fund was established by Fondaction, a 1.8 billion dollar labour-sponsored fund based in Montreal (QC), and Coop Carbone in 2017 with a shared commitment to harness markets to address climate change. Capitalized by Fondaction, Inlandsis offers a unique financing solution for carbon credit projects. The Fund is comfortable with a variety of financing structures, including prepay agreements, and is able to quickly close investments. Its growing portfolio includes over 20 projects in Alberta and the Western Climate Initiative carbon markets in California, Ontario and Quebec.

For additional information please contact:

David Moffat
The Inlandsis Fund

Jim Wiest
Managing Director
Camco International Group

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